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Crownline Series - Steel Fire Department Hose & Valve Cabinets

Shown Above
6015B10 in White
6517V10 in Optional Red Color 

8015F10 in White

Painted Steel Cabinet in 11 Door Styles to House up to 125' Hose Rack Unit, Fire Department Valve, or Combinations of Hose Rack & Fire Department Valve, Hose Rack & Extinguisher. 

Door and Trim Construction: Cold rolled steel with white powder-coat finish standard.  Flush cabinet doors with a 5/8" door stop are attached by a continuous hinge and equipped with zinc-plated handle and roller catch. 

Trim Style and Depth: Recessed - 3/8" flat trim or trimless.  Semi-Recessed - 1 1/4" Square Edge or 2 1/2" Rolled Edge.  Surface-mount has a square edge or optional rolled edge upon request. 1 3/4" face trim on frame and 1/1/4" trim on door.

Tub: Cold rolled steel with white powder-coat finish standard.

Fire-Rated FX2 Option Available: Yes.  About FX Cabinets.

Door Styles:  View Door Styles at right

Door Glazing: Clear Acrylic, Clear Wire Glass with Safety Film, Bronze or Gray Acrylic, Tempered Glass, Laminated Safety Glass

Knockouts: See Submittal or Catalog page for locations of knockouts for plumbing fire department valves.