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Activ-Grate™ 900 Series - Rigid Entrance Grate

EG900 Rigid Entrance Grating with Walnut Premium Carpet
EG901 Rigid Entrance  Grating with Brown Serrated Vinyl
Rigid Entrance Grating with Serrated Aluminum
Rigid Entrance Grating with Black Vinyl Abrasive
EG905 Rigid Entrance Grating with Ash Tuff Tread™
Rigid Entrance Grating Tread Insert Options

The 900 Series grating is ideal for high traffic entryways, with a large capacity for capturing snow, dirt and moisture.


- Achieve maximum scraping with densely spaced treads.
- Cushioned tread rails reduce noise from contact with concrete.
- Moisture and dirt to fall below grating through drainage holes between tread rails.


Product Details

Material: 6063-T5 and 6063-T6 extruded aluminum alloy tread rails and frames.
Depth: 1-3/4” (44.5 mm)
Standard Finish: Mill
Tread Spacing: 1-1/2” (38.1 mm) on center with 8 treads per foot in the direction of travel.
Spacing Between Rails: Heelproof spacing of 1/8”.
Rolling Wheel Load Rating: 400 lbs


Tread Insert Options

EG900 Premium Carpet Tread: Super absorbent, stain-resistant 33 oz. nylon carpet for interiors, now with 10 mil scraping fibers added.
EG901 Vinyl Tread: Full length vinyl serrations provide excellent traction for wet exterior or interior entry ways.
EG902 Serrated Aluminum Tread: All aluminum construction with full-length serrations, nonflammable and waterproof for interior or exterior entry ways. 
EG904 Vinyl Abrasive Tread: Abrasive grit provides our highest coefficient of friction for interior installations.
EG905 Tuff Tread™: Non-absorbent polypropylene carpet with tough 20 mil fibers is best at scraping shoes to remove dirt. Interior or exterior.
EG910 Alternating: Two types of tread in an alternating pattern provide scraping combined with absorbent carpet for maximum building protection.


Frame Options

EFRA9 - Recessed Angle Frame:  Fully recessed frame with tapered angle for smooth transition from frame to the bottom of the recess.
EFRB9 - Recessed  Frame: Fully recessed frame provides a stable base.  The 3/8” recess between the frame base is to be leveled at the time of installation
EFRC9 - Recessed Cast-In Place Frame: Cast-in-place recessed level-bed frame with mitered corners that connect quickly with corner keys.
EFRP9 - Recessed Deep Pit Frame: Cast-in-place recessed deep pit frame with mitered corners that connect quickly with corner keys.