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Activ-Grate™ 600 Series - Roll-Up Entrance Grate

Images Shown Above
EG600 Roll-Up Entrance Grating with Pepper Premium Carpet
EG601 Roll-Up Entrance Grating with Gray Serrated Vinyl
EG602 Roll-Up Entrance Grating with Serrated Aluminum
EG604 Roll-Up Entrance Grating with Gray Vinyl Abrasive

EG605 Roll-Up Entrance Grating with Mocha Tuff Tread™
EG600 Roll-Up Entrance Grating Tread Insert Options

Designed for wheel loads of up to 1000 lbs, the tough 600 series grating can withstand heavy traffic. Recessed installation of this grating always provides a smooth transition to the interior of your building.


- LDPE hinges keep grating quiet and cushion impact
- Rolls up during cleaning and features adjustable spacers.
- Drainage holes between tread rails allows moisture and dirt to fall below mat.
- Mat rolls up compactly for cleaning.


Product Details

Material: 6063-T6 extruded aluminum alloy tread rails and frames.

Depth: 3/4” (19 mm).

Standard Finish: Mill

Tread Spacing: 1-1/2” (38.1 mm) on center with 8 treads per foot in the direction of travel.

Spacing Between Rails: Heelproof spacing of 5/32”.

Rolling Wheel Load Rating: 1000 lb


Tread Insert Options

EG600 Premium Carpet Tread: Super absorbent, stain-resistant 33 oz. nylon carpet for interiors, now with 10 mil scraping fibers added. 
EG601 Vinyl Tread: Full length serrations provide excellent traction for wet interior entry ways.
EG602 Serrated Aluminum Tread: All aluminum construction with full-length serrations, nonflammable and waterproof for interior or exterior entry ways. 
EG604 Vinyl Abrasive Tread: Abrasive grit provides our highest coefficient of friction for interior installations.
EG605 Tuff Tread™: Non-absorbent polypropylene carpet with tough 20 mil fibers is best at scraping shoes to remove dirt. Interior or exterior.
EG610 Alternating: Two types of tread in an alternating pattern provide scraping combined with absorbent carpet for maximum building protection.


Frame Options

EFRA6 - Recessed Angle Frame: Angle frame for butting up to tile or carpet.
EFRC6 - Recessed Cast-In Place Frame: Cast-in-place recessed level-bed frame with mitered corners that connect quickly with corner keys.