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Activar Construction Products Group Makes Selecting and Specifying Products Even Easier by Partnering with MasterSpec® and BSD Speclink


MasterSpec®, a product of The American Institute of Architects (AIA), is the ultimate resource for producing specifications your way. With MasterSpec master guide specifications, delete what doesn’t apply, add your own customizations, and rest assured that your specifications are current and complete.

  • Comprehensive technical specifications — Three-part, CSI-formatted specification text, editor’s notes, and section-by-section access to Supporting Documents
  • Extensive background research — Unique Supporting Documents that provide in-depth analyses of product characteristics, application considerations, and sustainability discussions for every specification section
  • Practice-specific and specialized libraries — More than 900 sections organized into practice-specific libraries.



SpecLink by Building Systems Design, Inc. helps architects create better and faster specifications.  As architects, we knew there had be a better way to work than managing endless word processing files. And an easier way to coordinate and collaborate.

  • Work up to 70% faster when you edit by inclusion. Text you don’t include is never deleted, and can easily be reinstated.
  • Automated coordination tools like global auto-formatting, intelligent links, automatic table of contents and instant reports streamline your workflow and help you avoid mistakes.
  • Reference standards, industry references, and manufacturing information are monitored and updated automatically every day to keep you current.


See more of our specifications here

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