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The Benefit of PAKs

How to Save Time by Ordering Glazing & Vision Lites Together

Select a vision lite and glazing, and we take care of the rest - resulting in a complete “PAK” that is ready to install

Could You Use More Time?

Save time by ordering the glass and vision frame together. Distributors have found benefits such as:

  • Eliminate mix-ups on glass and frame coordination
  • Simplified ordering from a single vendor
  • All components arrive together
  • Glazing tape pre-applied to both sides of the glass

What is in a PAK?

  • Vision lite frame
  • Glazing
  • Glazing tape
  • Screws

All components are securely packaged and bundled together when shipped.

Bulk PAK: For larger jobs, components can be palletized for shipping, as shown on the right for 24” x 60” PAK’s.


What are My Choices?

Combine any vision frame with any glass selection that fits, but it is important to make sure that the listing on the vision frame and the glass carry the same fire-rating before ordering. Be sure to read the installation and ordering instructions carefully, as they may require additional glazing tape to be code-compliant. Interpretation of Fire and Building Codes May Vary.

Consult with the Local Authority having Jurisdiction (AHJ) to determine appropriate standards.

Air Louvers Stocks Our Most Popular Frames and Glass PAKs in Our Warehouses There are over 50 Combinations of VLFEZ frame with glazing and over 80 Combinations of VSL frame with glazing.  


Did You Know that Some of Our Products are Always Sold as a PAK?

These Hurricane-rated products always include glazing & sealant: VLFEZHRC PAK, VLFIGHRC PAK

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